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Jets are not my favourite type of Aircraft. But you have to admire some that have graced our skies.
Avro Vulcan B2. XH558. G-VLCN.BAC TSR2. X0-4 XR222.BAC TSR2. X0-4 XR222.BAe Harrier GR7. ZD407.BAe Harrier GR7. ZD407.Boeing 747-400. ZS-SAK.Folland Gnat T1's XR538. G-RORI & XS111. G-TIMM.North American F-86A-5 Sabre. G-SABR.Panavia Tornado F3. ZG796.Panavia Tornado F3. ZG796.Panavia Tornado F3. ZG796.Red Arrows Display TeamRed Arrows Display Team.Red Arrows Display Team.